Carolyn Pajamas 

Closet Core Patterns

My new set of Carolyn Pajamas is my most worn make of 2020, despite the fact that I only made them in October. These pj’s are comfy, but still look and feel put together. I will admit, I put them on as soon as I finish work every day. 

The Carolyn Pajamas by Closet Core Patterns have different mix and match options, including pants, shorts and two sleeve lengths for the top. Although I didn’t have enough fabric for all of the options, I made the short sleeved top, the pants, and a pair of shorts.




This was a fun make. I really had to slow down and take my time to make sure that I was getting the collar and piping done correctly. The final garments are definitely worth the extra time, and I’m sure that the more times I make this pattern, the faster construction will be. 

This was my first time working with a Closet Core Pattern and I found the instructions to be clear. The trickiest bit was the collar insertion, and that was only because I didn’t clip far enough into the seam allowance. Once I went back and clipped further, I was able to get the collar in without a problem. 

The pajamas can be made with or without the piping, but I think that adding it was a really nice touch, especially with the bright print of the fabric. The pattern suggested that you make your own piping so that the seam allowance is the same as the seam allowance as the pattern, but as I was just using white, I went for store bought instead. The seam allowance of the piping was 3/8″, so I did have to measure the placement before pinning and sewing with it. 


In order to sew nice and close to the piping, I used a zipper foot that can be adjusted to be on either side of the needle. 

Pajama Details

Pieces Made: Short-sleeved top, pants & shorts

Size: 10 through the shoulders and arms, and then graded up to a 14 through the body

Adjustments needed: Shortened pant length by 3″

Fabric: 4.5 metres of John Kaldor Lizzano Cotton Sateen fromMinerva

(*Fabric was gifted in exchange for a blog post)

Notions (Piping and Buttons): Club Tissus

This is a pattern that I will use again and again, both for me and as gifts for others in the future. Because they are so nice, I don’t feel guilty about wearing them around the house in the evenings and all weekend. (Although it did take me a little time to get over the “but they’re too nice to wear as everyday pajamas” thing). I did buy the fabric and notions to make a Christmas version, but I never got around to it. So, expect to be seeing a pair from me for Christmas 2021, as well as a few more pairs in between!