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Jenni Sews Something is a space where I hope to share my sewing journey with the world. Sewing is my creative outlet, and each project I make brings me joy, from picking out the right notions to go with my fabric, to testing out an indie pattern, to dressing up the guys in my house in me-mades! Check out my makes page to see all the things I’ve made, and visit the blog page to read about my sewing. Welcome to my sewing workshop. Enjoy!

About Jenni



Why sew?

You’re wearing something that nobody else will ever have. It’s not fast fashion; it’s sustainable clothing that is made to last. Everything I make for myself is my style, and made to measure. When your wardrobe is custom made, you’re not limited to certain fits or sizes. Sewing your own clothes has can have its challenges, but at the end of the day, nothing can give you more fulfillment than when you  when you show up wearing me-mades. 

Sewing is a work in progress

Sewing can be a meticulous craft. When some people think about sewing clothes they think it takes a lot of attention to detail and precision, but sewing is something anyone can do and at any level. The more you sew, the more you will make yourself a better sewist. Many of the projects I’ve made have been challenges and have helped me develop new skills and new techniques. If you have any questions about my makes, feel free to say hi.

About my BLOG

In this blog, you’ll find some of my favourite makes. You’ll learn about my techniques, the alterations I’ve made, and the patterns and fabrics I’ve used.

Each post will give you details and photos related to my sewing projects. You’ll get an inside look at my sewing style and some of the articles I love to sew. Enjoy reading! 

Check out the blog

Office Makes

A journey to redo my office wardrobe. Look out for power suits 2021!

Pattern Tests

Testing patterns is great way to be part to the sewing community and learn something new.

Home Makes

Pyjamas, Joggers, and T-shirts. Who knew sewing casual could look this good?

Fabric Challenges

New types of fabrics help hone my skills and expand my wardrobe. Goodbye comfort zone!


For the past year, I’ve been sewing hard and creating makes that have inspired me to keep going and going! Check out my Instagram page to see some of my latest creations.

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